Friday, December 19, 2014

More mistletoe

I wondered how we started kissing under mistletoe so I turned to the ever-scholarly Pinterest. Here's what I found. No idea if it's true, so let's go with it:
Yule ~ Mistletoe Lore Let us all be kind to ourselves so that we can spread love, joy and peace to others as we begin our journey towards lighter days once more x

I hope Sean doesn't take his mistletoe on the road:

And of course, what happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe. Unless you're a blogger and you write about it and your kids think you're gross. That works for me!

Chalkboard art is hot, hot, hot this year! How cute & fun is this? FREE 8x10 Mistletoe Chalkboard Printable - click through, print and frame for yourself or give as a gift!

Merry last weekend before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Engineers think of everything

Remember when you were a kid and you got a really cool gift that needed batteries but you didn't get the batteries? It's like the giver thought, "I know she'll love just looking at her Baby Alive!"

Sean has never been that kind of gift-giver. If a present needs batteries or anything extra, he's on it. Case in point: I found this pretty little bag on my kitchen table:

Sean was quite pleased with himself over the purchase. He was positively giddy and couldn't wait for me to open it:

Inside I found mistletoe, Scope and Blistex. 

People, if you are looking for a complete gift set, that's it. Leave it to an engineer to think of everything needed to make the most out of a trip under the mistletoe.

The mistletoe is currently hanging in the kitchen. And the jingle bell is so low that if you aren't careful, you announce to the family that you're under the mistletoe. I think that's Sean's favorite part. 

That and the fresh breath, smooth-lip kisses he's been getting. (And now our children will throw up.)

Monday, December 15, 2014

There's no crafty corner in this house

Do you want to know why craft stores sell pre-made bows? Because it is not easy to make bows.

Eight years ago, my Mom helped me make these bows:
Unfortunately, being boxed after eight Christmases has left them looking a little shabby. So I figured I’d buy some fabric and make new bows.

That was my first mistake.

The second was thinking I could make bows without my Mom here.

The third was going to the fabric store with the deluded notion that I could make bows.

Rebecca and I went to Michael’s, bought this cool burlap-sparkly fabric.

I figured all I had to do was loop it around, secure it with some florist wire and stick it on the garland. For all of you shaking your heads saying, "Bad idea," trust me; I know now that that was a bad plan.

I moved on to how-to videos on YouTube. I got what I thought was helpful information, but the info didn't translate from my brain and eyes to my hands.

I switched to bow-making websites. Apparently I am unable to replicate anything I watch or read that has anything to do with craftiness.
I stopped at this point to take a very deep breath...

I gave up and just tried to take some information from the video and some from the how-to website and strike out on my own.

I am happy to say that while there is red glitter everywhere in my kitchen (and in my hair), I have successfully made one bow. Only nine more to go. But more bow-making has to wait until I get back from Michael’s because I did not buy enough fabric the first time. (Who didn't see that one coming?)

Here’s what I learned from the bow-making adventure: buy pre-made bows next time. Or wait until Mom's here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dog fails, Pop Tarts and red shirts on Star Trek

I laughed way too hard at this. The dog ignoring the Frisbee is my fav:

(HT: Althea)

Super-excited to see Brian Regan this weekend. I imagine we'll hear this routine, which Rebecca can repeat verbatim. Gotta love some Pop Tarts:

And here's one for Sean:


Happy weekend! Remember - only 13 days until Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A bunch o’ random stuff

Fourteen days until Christmas. This is the sweet spot where you think you still have plenty of time left but in reality, you are quickly running out of days.

And by “you”, I mean “me”.

Actually, I mean, “I”. Have to get that correct in case one of my grammar students happens upon my blog.

I changed so much in that last sentence to make sure it was grammar-student-approved.

When I think about someone checking my blog for grammatical errors, I break out into a sweat.

And now, of course, this means I’ll have some mistakes.

That reminds me of the editor’s note from my 10th grade yearbook: “If you find mistakes in this publication, please consider that they are there for a reason. We try to publish something for everyone and some people are always looking for mistakes.”

That was a brilliant inclusion, one that I copied when I became the editor.

Speaking of yearbooks, I’m the adviser for a book for a home school co-op. Everything is done digitally. No grease pencils, no croppers, no carbon paper… Where’s the fun in all that?

I bet some people reading this don’t know what carbon paper was for. Or a ditto machine for that matter.

Might as well put a sign on me: “Yep. She’s old.”

Of course, if I can be as cool as this skateboarding grandma, I think old age will be just fine. 
Skateboarding grandma

On a completely different subject: Michael stars in this video of the Northwood University International Auto Show. Okay, okay, he’s only in it for 3 seconds, but they’re the best three seconds of the video! Check him out at .05:

Remember, only 14 days until Christmas. Get your shopping done now – consider it a favor to the procrastinators. That way, when they go the day before you’re not in their way.

And by “they” and “their”, I mean, “I” and “my”.

Dadgum… grammar can be exhausting. But don’t tell my students I said so.

One of my pet peeves, along with your/you're, to/too/two, and four/for

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas music 101

To say the advent of digital music has changed the way we buy and listen to albums is an understatement. (Do people even call them albums anymore?) We buy one song here, another song there… Who listens to an entire album from start to finish anymore?

Why does that matter? Because it means that some people do not know the correct way to listen to the all-time best Christmas music album of all time, Amy Grant’s first Christmas album. And that, my friends, is a real problem.

The album has three songs that, in order to be fully appreciated, should be listened to back-to-back. Start with Preist dem Koing, then move right into Emmanuel, and then to Little Town - tracks 3, 4, and 5, in order and without stopping. Do. Not. Stop. The. Songs. And you will have seven minutes of the most perfect Christmas music.

No need to thank me. Your enjoyment of the music will be thanks enough.

(What are you waiting for? Go listen! Here's a link: Amy Grant's A Christmas Album)

Friday, December 05, 2014

Hippos and a Coke nativity

The ever-popular, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" was sung by a 10 year old girl - did you know that? Me neither! And goodness, music videos have changed a bit:

I wonder if Coca-Cola saw this coming:

It's 5 months until Christmas, but the best nativity scene of the year has already been made.

Happy first weekend of December! Remember: only 20 days until Christmas...