Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I blame Pinterest

I just wanted to re-do the school room. We used to need three desks and we’re down to only needing one. Plus, the room was still builder-beige – it desperately needed some color, something I’d been saying since we moved in ten years ago. I hopped on Pinterest to get some ideas and that’s where the trouble began. 

Quick Pinterest Tip for New UsersThere were lots of cool office ideas, but what really caught my eye was the way many of the rooms in a house were painted the same color throughout. But I was just looking for a color for the the school room…

Needing to focus, I went off to Home Depot with the girls to select the color. First color was a bust, so back to the Depot for Color #2. Again, bust. Back to the store for Color #3, which proved to be the charm: Dolphin Fin.

(Who comes up with the names of paint colors? Seriously. Dolphin Fin? It is incredibly accurate, though. Good thing I like dolphins. I'd never have picked Shark Grey. So I guess those color-namers know what they're doing.) 

I painted the school room and loved the look. Then, remembering what I’d seen online of all those rooms painted the same color, I decided to paint the half bath, and was pleased with the results. Until I got Dolphin Fin on the ceiling. Back to Home Depot for ceiling paint for some touch-up. Which turned out to not be the same color white as the current ceiling, which meant I got to repaint the whole thing instead of just touching it up. And then I got to touch up the wall after I got ceiling paint on it. And then I got Dolphin Fin on the ceiling so I had to touch it up… It was a vicious cycle and not one of my best painting moments.

The current state of the school room.
Finally finished with the half bath, I kept thinking the color would look good in the kitchen. So I painted the kitchen. And then I realized the curtains didn’t match, so I had to take them down, fill and patch all the holes from the curtain rods. And then that meant we had to get something new to cover the windows. Yep: back to Home Depot.

I was starting to feel like I was living in a new children’s book: If You Give a Mom a Paintbrush.

I finished the kitchen, did the small hallway to the garage and the small hallway outside the half bath – and stopped. After two weeks of nearly non-stop painting, I was just done. I still need to finish the family room and piano room but I am done for now. Because what got this whole thing started was redoing the school room and that room is now a full-on mess. Because I moved on to painting without finishing it. So we’re off to Ikea this Saturday to solve our school room woes.

And then, back to painting.

FYI: If I’m still painting in September, I hope someone will come pry the brush out of my Dolphin Fin-stained hand. And log me out of Pinterest.
First coat of Dolphin Fin - before I realized the curtain rods had to come down and I needed to fill the holes...

Finished! At least in the kitchen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sean and the (yummy) Minions

Pretty sure the target age for the new Minions movie is around 10 years old, which is probably why this box of Twinkies is branded with the little yellow guys. When I saw the box in the grocery store this morning, I knew I had to bring it home, even though I don't currently have any 10 year olds living under my roof. But I do have an almost 50-year-old in my house who really loves Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the Three Stooges of the cartoon world.
The bonus in this box of creme-filled sponge cakes is edible stickers in the shapes of eyes, mouths, and clothes that you can use to dress up your Twinkie to look like your favorite Minion. Dessert was clearly decided.

Sean took this job very seriously. He had to pick just the right stickers:

He was very pleased with his finished Twinkie Minion:
(See the little Minions on the table? Amy and Rebecca went to McDonald's to get them for him. What good daughters.)

He's seriously a little crazy about these guys.

But not crazy enough not to eat the Twinkie: 

People, I'm aware this is about as low-brow as you can get: Minions and Twinkies. And yet, during the dinner conversation, our Minion-lover talked about Bach and classical music.

He is quite the Renaissance Man.

Now we just have to find a time we can call get to the theater together because the kids can't wait to watch Sean watch the movie.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Weather and Shark Week Random Thoughts

June was not my favorite month this year. And considering there was no snow, that’s saying something.

There wasn’t snow but the temps were and continue to be very low. I am NOT complaining! This Southern girl does not like hot summers and the mild summer temperatures here in the Mitten make up for the lousy winter weather.

Also, just because people are born and raised in the South does not mean the heat doesn’t bother them. It bothers me greatly. Greatly.

I got that disposition from my father, who walks around with a kitchen towel on his shoulder all summer long. To wipe up the sweat. No lie.

We also have this nifty facial feature in the heat – we turn bright red. Picture Rudolph, but instead of just our noses being red our whole face glows crimson. It’s special.

I spoke to a friend from here who’s going to Florida in August. She said the heat doesn’t bother her family. I could not comprehend that statement. I also could not fathom going to Florida in August. I’d be a big pool of sweat.

So to sum up, I don’t like heat and I don’t like snow. I’m more of a 68 – 75 degrees kind of girl. This summer has been perfect for me so far.

I’m sure you’re all glad to know that.

On another summer-related note, it’s Shark Week. Otherwise known as The Week Christy Does Not Turn on the Television.

Seriously, why would people watch those shows? Aside from the frighteningly scary animals, there’s all that creepy music.

If nature people really want folks to like sharks, they should film those shows with kids’ music in the background. It’s pretty hard to be scared while singing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round…”

The music wouldn’t help me, though. It’s too late for me. I am completely paranoid about those swimming man-eaters. I’m honest about this horribly irrational fear, made obvious this week when a friend posted this on my Facebook wall:

I had a strong reaction: "There is no way in a million bazillion years I would ever do that. Ever. Ever. Ever. My skin is crawling just thinking about this!!"

Two other friends commented that there are no sharks in ponds. REALLY?? Are you sure? There are fresh-water sharks you know! I am not taking that chance.

I’ll stick to pools, thank you very much. But just to be safe, I’ll stay away from the drains…

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Thoughts

My baby boy went on a business trip this week. He flew from Detroit to Charlotte, then on to Asheville. He rented a car. He had his own hotel room. He used the company credit card. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? He is not old enough for all that.

I am not old enough for all that…

Amy started her job at a local coffee place. I am trying really hard not to mention how sad I am that they don’t serve Coke products.

Rebecca is at bike camp this week where she is learning how to take care of the mechanics of a bike. On Friday she gets to bring home the bike she’s been working on. Next week she’s going to a birding camp. I sincerely hope there is not a bird coming home with her at the end of that camp.

Rebecca mowed the lawn this week for the first time all by herself. Michael is hoping he’s out of that job. Rebecca, not so much.

Been reading about all those shark attacks? Two kids lost limbs and others had the snot bitten out of other parts of their bodies. People, I am not crazy for not going in the ocean. Not. Crazy.

You know who’s crazy? The people who keep going in the ocean!

There’s a popular shirt in Michigan that says, “Great Lakes: Unsalted and Shark Free.” I LOVE that! 

Of course, when I tout the greatness of the Great Lakes for not having sharks, Michael and Amy remind me that there are lampreys in Lake Michigan. They’re gross, but they won’t take off your leg.

If they will, please don’t tell me. I need one beach to go to without panicking. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

In the last seven years I’ve traveled to Whoville, Scotland, Prince Edward Island, Oz, a poultry farm, Penzance, the bottom of the ocean and Egypt and all without leaving Lansing. I visited those places on the stage of the Charlotte Performing Arts Center as I worked as the production manager for Homeschool Performing Arts. And I loved it! I absolutely loved working with the cast members – being with these middle and high schoolers has given me hope for the country. These are quality kids. And they’re so great because they come from such great parents, who I’ve also had the privilege to work alongside.

But all good things must come to an end, and my time with HPA is over. I will not be returning to my role as production manager in the fall. HPA is undergoing a restructuring of its production staff and the role I previously filled has been changed. Neither of the positions I was offered felt like a good fit for me. So with great sadness I let the director know I’d be stepping down.

The good thing is no one is irreplaceable. I know they’ll find wonderful folks to fill the new spots. I certainly hope and feel confident those who are cast in this year’s production will support whatever new staff is introduced. (But I won’t object if you miss me just a bit!)

It seems fitting that Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was my final production. In the midst of Joseph's trials, God’s plan was not clear. But in the end, Joseph was able to see that everything that happened God used for good. I don’t know what lies ahead for me, but like Joseph, I want to trust that the Lord has it all figured and I will do my best to follow where he leads.

Here’s a big ol’ thank you to all the cast members, parents and staff I’ve worked with over the last five years. You have blessed me in ways you don’t even know. It was a pleasure to work with each of you.

I leave with fantastic memories of wonderful people. I looked back at my pictures and couldn't help but post some from the past eight shows I’ve worked on. Hope they bring back wonderful memories for you – they certainly have for me.

Seussical (2010)
Andrea as Mrs. Mayor and Michael as Mr. Mayor.
The Seuss orchestra with Sean conducting.
The Green Who family with tiny Rebecca and her tall hair.
Amy in the front as the frog - check out that green swim cap!

Brigadoon (2011)
Me with Sarah Grace, choreographer extraordinaire and Irene, the first production manager I worked with. Two gems right there.
Michael's in the back in the red hat.

The Beaton clan.

My sister wives, Lily and Liesel with Sean.

Anne of Green Gables (2012)

Rebecca H. as Anne, Amy as Diana.

Drunk Diana. Loved this one. And no: I did not teach her how to do that.

The Anne cast during devotions.

The Wizard of Oz (2012)
The Lullaby League: Rebecca, Rebekah, Annika, Gianna and Rebecca.

Amy, Amber (Glinda) and Jillian.
Elizabeth as Auntie Em and Michael as Uncle Henry.
The Oz orchestra.
Dan, Caleb (Tin Man), Christian (Lion) and Justin (Scarecrow).

Honk! (2013)
Rebecca, as Fluffy the Duckling, far right.

Amy as Dot - this is one of my all-time favorite scenes.
Nathan (Greylag) and Amy - love hearing them sing together.

Dan, Honk!'s director.

Pirates of Penzance (2013)

Sean with yet another stellar pit. Man, he is good. And cute.

Amy as a policeman.

Backstage with Kyria.
Titanic (2014)
Me, my trusty clipboard, Amy and assistant director Elizabeth. 
Laura, John D., John C. and Sean.

Tarah, Rebecca and Ashton.
Joe and Amy.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2015)

Me with Rebecca T. and Amy D. I really love this one.

Trina and Sierra with me during announcements.

Rebecca, far right, helping Micah.

Rebecca in her green go-go dress. 

Me matching the Storytellers.

Rebecca and Amy
Love you people!